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Supplier Invoice Processing for the Block Management Industry
Dhub is the new platform designed to integrate with various systems and pull their data. One platform to manage all the different types of data your company works with.

Step 1: Invoice

It all starts with an invoice. PDF, JPG, Word

Step 2: OCR

Then it is time for little OCR magic and your approval.

Step 3: Resident integration

Trip behind the scenes leads your invoice to Resident ready to be paid.

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Top features

Upload Hub

The first module of Dhub offers a streamlined and flexible way of processing contractors' invoices. You can upload them manually or create a dedicated inbox from which they will be automatically pulled every 15 min.

Although it requires the user verification at the final stage it will reduce data input to a minimum. It pulls your data from Resident and uses AI to match invoice fields.

Modular Design

We have built Dhub as a modular system which can be customized according to the client's requirement and we already have a lot of ideas for new modules. Keep an eye for our newsletter and some sneak peaks.


OCR is a business solution for automating data extraction from printed or written text from a scanned document or image file and then converting the text into a machine-readable form to be used for data processing.

Integrated with Resident

The supplier emails their invoice to the designated email address(or the user uploads it manually), the invoice automatically enters the Dhub and is automatically matched to the data for Suppliers, Blocks etc stored in the system. There is also an option to 'teach' the system what should match the data recognized on the invoice.

Estimated time savings

1 %

Estimated to save 2 to 3 days of the working week for the average service charge book-keeper. 

1 %
data entry

Built-in OCR is estimated to save 75% of time usually spent on manual data entry

1 %
Supplier Management

Managing supplier invoices estimated to be twice as fast with DHub

DHub modules

Module 1 Supplier Invoice Processing

Introducing the first module of the DHub system called Supplier Invoice Upload, fully integrated with Resident Block Management Software. The first module is planned for launch on the 27th of March

Module 2 Integration with Sage & Xero

More news to come In May 2022

Third Module - Making Tax Digital for Landlords

ETA December 2022


Priced at £168 plus VAT per month (charged annually) plus £55 plus VAT for each 1000 pages of invoices processed. You can buy pages via a pay-as-you-go model. Pre-order today to get early app access.


Why DHub

In 2019 I spoke at the ARMA Northern Regional Chapter in Manchester on technology in the block management industry. The subject was ‘Technology is the enabler, not the disruptor’ – Property will always be about people – looking at the future of block management and how technology is the enabler for the block management industry to provide clients & leaseholders with more of what they want.

One of the six areas I predicted technology would most assist block managers in 2020 and beyond was something called OCR ‘Optical Character Recognition’. The Data Hub utilises OCR to read supplier invoices and automatically input the data into the correct fields in Resident, including a copy of the actual invoice. Property Managers log into the hub and mark the relevant invoices as approved which then progress into BACS for payment.